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Go to the Commissary…You Can Do It!

Images: Top: Avenida Central around 1940 shows the route of
the chivas that went into Santana and San Felipe.
Bottom: even into the 1960’s the same chivas were
being used in public transport.
Images thanks to CZimages.com

“Juni, come here!” my mother said one day with a note of urgency. When I immediately responded she said, “I want you to go to the commissary for me.” The “
for” is what triggered my incredulity as I could not believe that she was asking me to do this errand all by myself. During that time I had hardly left the confines of our neighborhood not even to go see my paternal grandmother or my mother’s aunt who both lived a little further up on our street. Going to the Silver commissary implied quite a distance clear out of our neighborhood into the area of Curundu. Continue reading

The Terror of the Silver Roll

Bust of Aminta Melendez in Colon.

Aminta Melendez and her father Don Porfirio Melendez.

Image on top : Bust of Doña Aminta Melendez that
sits in Colon’s Parque de la Avenida Central.

: Aminta Melendez
and her father, Porfirio Melendez, circa 1904
Bottom: My sister Aminta and me about 1942.

After the notorious Colon fire of 1940, the Green family would return to a normal life with the appearance of the first buds of their second generation in the persons of my sister and me, Cobert Junior, or Juni for short, having been named after my father. My sister, Aminta, who was one year younger, had been named by my mother after Aminta Melendez, daughter and notable personage (although under mentioned) in the short revolutionary history of the City of Colon. Continue reading