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The Evolution of the Elks in Panama

The image shows a curious plaque in Kentucky
outlining the history of the I.B.P.O.E.
Image is copyrighted and the property of
Josh Flowers.

The following brief history of the I.B.P.O.E. from their official web site serves as a basis for the evolution of the Elks lodges in Panama and the Panama Canal Zone and the major cities and areas where Westindian Panamanians founded settlements. Continue reading

The Elks

This is a replica of a typical Lodge Building as may have
been found in the Black Westindian community in Panama.
You can visit this replica at Mi Pueblito Afro-Antillano in the City of
Here we have a view of the Lodge Meeting Hall
inside the Lodge Building in Mi Pueblito Afro-Antillano.

by Lydia M. Reid

In our aim to explain the social institutions that grew out of the unique culture of the Silver People of Panama we continue to examine the Lodges and Fraternal Orders and especially the manner in which the Canal Zone Black community mirrored the organizations that evolved from the Black Americans. Historically, the Blacks of the Panama Canal Zone and the cities surrounding the Zone mingled and exchanged ideas with their Black American counterparts thus leading to the formation of many organizations and institutions with highly similar goals. Continue reading