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The Women of The College

The following week was a good time to adjust and to get to know more people intimately at The College. The school had become my main focus of interest and I was infatuated with the idea of being able to attend classes right alongside the girls as I remembered doing in elementary school. At the National Institutee, it was all boys. Undoubtedly, I was still thinking about the girl who had given me her photo and handkerchief, and her boldness even though I was doing my level best to avoid girls this early on in the game. Continue reading

Preparing for Achievements

Instituto Nacional of Panama as I remember it. aerial view.

My war with Rico that night had drawn an enormous crowd.  All or a good part of the neighborhood in which we lived either ran over to see the spectacle or later heard about it from people who had. Rico, on the other hand, wound up with a nasty baseball-size knot on his head, and the whole fracas quickly became “the event” to remember.  I came out pretty unscathed. Continue reading