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To Reach the Unreachable

Don Quijote de la Mancha and his trusted servant Sancho Panza. My dream of completing High School had become almost a Quixotic quest. Image.

I was eagerly awaiting the beginning of the school year and, soon, my entrance into Abel Bravo College, as my Westindian people proudly referred to it. By then, however, the ability to find work at all, any kind of honest work, had become one of the prime reasons for the demoralization of an entire generation of black youngsters like myself. Colon, not to mention Panama City, had become a desert of human hopes for young job seekers like me and the many youths I was meeting up with who desired to continue their quest of seeking an education at the “College.” Continue reading

A New Awakening

Image thanks to Child Crisis Center

A quiet night’s sleep seemed to be all I needed to rest my battered emotions and forget a lifetime of physical and verbal abuse. The dawn of that next day in Colon felt like I was in a foreign country and as I opened my sleepy eyes I was met by the adoring glances of some little fans, small frye who had been ogling at their older brother for some time. Continue reading

As Sharp as an American General

This is an army jacket cut in the Eisenhower fashion, very similar to the way ours was cut, only ours was much more stylish.

In our last post we discussed the deep nationalistic sentiments inherent in most of us children from Panama’s barrios.  But it was especially the Institutores who acquired the reputation for leading the Third of November marches in displaying their patriotism. Continue reading

In Honor and Glory

I hoped to eventually learn to play violin at the National Conservatory.  Image thanks to our friends at http://www.encoremusiclessons.com/content/blog/about-violin

In the midst of my long awaited moment during our march in the School Marching Band, for the first time in my life I was thinking about us Westindians taking our rightful place in honor and glory for Panama, for the honor and glory of “my country” that I had so much insisted upon since I had any recall from infancy. Continue reading

Gravitating to the School Marching Band

An Institute Marching Band drummer.

I found solace hanging out at the school athletic field in several ways but it was mainly a way for me to stray from my classmates and make new friends who, like me, found comfort in hanging around the field. It was there out on the field that I discovered how some students who attended the Institute from the interior of the country resided at a dormitory at the school.   Continue reading

Pen Pals

"El Panameño Visto a Traves de su Lenguaje" by Luisita Aguilera Patiño

At the Institute my friends and I had started making it a habit of visiting the same girls at the Liceo de Señoritas which was quite a distance from the Institute.  We took jaunts over their any time we could get away just to keep us linked to newer acquaintances other than the same guys at the Institute. The girls were good company even if it was for a short time until they would have to go home. Nevertheless, they were really only good for making small talk with. Continue reading