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My Wake Up Call

Image thanks to Debbie Dunn’s blog.


During this period of time in Panama everything that entailed the education of the children of the poor or lower middle class of our Republic such as acceptance or denial on any level were crucial elements to factor into the equation. After all, in many of our homes, as I stated before, education beyond the sixth grade was looked upon as an unaffordable luxury. Continue reading

Only the Strongest Survive

The Harpy Eagle, the largest of the eagles, is Panama's national bird. Image thanks to wikipedia.org.

The highlight of our otherwise routine Monday morning ceremony in which the entire school participated was the singing of the school song which we all learned from each other. The hymn to me had no real meaning, although it referred to something about “…being tranquil on the lap of the Paternal Father Ancon,” which was where our school was located- at the foot of Ancon Hill. Continue reading

Puppy Love

The legendary romantic duo in Mexican classic movies, Pedro Infante and Maria Felix.

The intrepid girl who appeared to take me out had surprised me if only because she had previously rejected me. Although she had been in love with me for quite some time, her aunt, whom I was helping at her restaurant business had been violently opposed to our “noviazgo.” Somehow her family had been alerted to our attraction for one another and had suddenly become cold toward me. Despite the rejection I acted quite cool and didn’t pursue the issue, turning my thoughts to better things and not thinking of going out with any girl. Continue reading

Panamanian Patriots in White

The front entrance to the Instituto Nacional de Panamá hasn’t changed much.

It was early morning on the Third of November of 1951 and my first year at the National Institute.  I joined my fellow patriots who were already assembled and lined up outside the school at the foot of Ancon Hill before the watchful eyes of the twin statues of the vigilant Phoenixes. Continue reading

The National Institute of Panama

Instituto Nacional de Panamá with its familiar double Sphinxes guarding the entrance. Image thanks to skyscrapercity.com, a forum for architects.

The experience of just entering a school as famous as The National Institute of Panama made me feel reassured that I had a place in the history of that institution. My family history, after all, had been seeded with the essence of that school with my Uncle Eric Reid being one of the first to brave what it had meant to be one of the sons of Panama and a member of the institution in its early days. Continue reading

The Rush is On

My hopes were set high on being admitted to the Instituto Nacional. Image thanks to parentingainteasy.com

I had been  estranged from the neighborhood kids for some two summer vacations that I could remember.  I had been too preoccupied with nursing an old friend, and this summer the fracas with Rico had catapulted my reputation to a recognized “good boxer” status. Since then, however, I became known for being a reclusive kid. I neither discussed any of my activities with any of the neighborhood kids nor kept any of the teenagers from the area as close companions.  It just came to me as my best action plan to stay out of trouble. Continue reading