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The Mental Revolution Against Assimilation

My first image gallery of the syncretic response to assimilation by Black Hispanic people like me.


assimilate: a. to take in and utilize as nourishment: absorb into the system.  b. to take into the mind and thoroughly comprehend.  c. to absorb into the culture and mores of a population or group.” Merriam Webster Continue reading

A Silver Roll Grandmother and the Black Christ

A Diablo Rojo going to take many pilgrims to Portobelo. Image

As we approach the grand celebration of the Black Christ this Friday, October 21, I never fail to recall the words of my beloved grandmother who, as I’ve noted countless times, was the key person in my life to introduce me to the Black Christ of Portobelo in the Province of Colon. Continue reading

The Silver People Law- An Important Update

This is a view of Corozal Cemetery looking from the "Silver" side over the fence to the "Gold" side, American Battle MOnuments (USA).

Some ancient graves at Corozal Cemetery are in very sad condition.

It is with true and deepest admiration for our Silver People forefathers that we have been inspired to take on the important task which now seems possible. I humbly admit that it was the God of our forefathers who clearly engineered this entire struggle today. However, I am not afraid to speak out and tell the truth that it was God who ordered me to “go fix them all,” meaning to recover, safeguard and restore our ancestral burial grounds in Panama. Continue reading

The Silver People Law

View a synopsis of our Bill in English

In our attempts at restoring our once vibrant and prosperous Westindian Panamanian heritage here in Panama, we have embarked upon presenting a Bill in our country’s National Assembly. History has demanded such protection and safeguarding to place us where we rightfully and legally belong after centuries of abuses which included the denying of our humanity and culture. Continue reading