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Carlos Belizaire Bussette- The Trainer of Champions

Lloyd LaBeach walking with his coach and friend,
Carlos Belizaire Bussette 1951
Image thanks to Mr. Anthony McLean
A recent photo of Carlos Belizaire Bussette
Image of Panama’s greatest athletes with
the Trainer of Champions, Carlos Belizaire Bussette.
Image thanks to Oswald Baptiste


When I received word of Professor Carlos Belizaire’s death last night through an email I thought of dedicating a post to this extraordinary teacher who I happened to meet up with several times as a kid on my treks down to the Olympic stadium here in Curundu. He was an enigmatic figure to me at the time (I was just approaching adolescence) with a rather worried countenance.

But, he was often there welcoming us kids and ready to take on and mentor any promising track and field athlete. Whenever a group of us kids would arrive to see what was going on amongst the aspiring boxers, sprinters, jumpers and baseball and basketball players, he was there to meet anyone of us who yearned to compete with the best. Of course, we didn’t know we were in the presence of one of the best athletic trainers Panama would ever produce. Continue reading

The Silver Townships- The City of Colon…continued

The Silver population in Colón, as well as in Panama, had traditionally been dependent on the employment offered by the Railroad and later the Panama Canal Commission. In fact, during its boom periods, the Hispanic segment of the population came to view the Antillean Blacks as the affluent West Indians who had steady employment and money to spend on housing, stylish clothing and jewelery, recreational pursuits and on travel. Colón, in its heyday, became known as “la tasita de oro,” the little golden tea cup. Continue reading