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The History of the Caribbean Baseball Series

Roberto Clemente Walker in 1967. He is in the Baseball Hall of Fame and for us is a dignified symbol of the Caribbean Series. Image thanks to the U.S. Embassy.

The history of the Caribbean Baseball Series is both fascinating and indicative of how politics can only be held at bay but never removed entirely from the world of sports. Continue reading

The Fourth Caribbean Series of 1952 Held in Panama

Frank Austin from Negro League web site.

Carta Vieja 1952. Image is property of mearsonlineauctions.com for purchase information.

Puerto Rico Team1952 Caribbean World Series

The Puerto Rican team photo of 1952. Image is from Camden Depot.

By 1952 I was sixteen years old and in my second year at Instituto Nacional and struggling hard to remain in school long enough to graduate as well as staying away from the troubles in the streets of Panamá.  Trouble at home in the form of unsupportive women in my family was also a big sore spot for me- one that kept me always in a state of uncertainty so that, I had little time for such luxuries and diversions as baseball games.   Continue reading