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The Sacrifice of Silver Families- A Bitter Cup

A Bitter Cup

The deleterious effects of a segregated work environment would invariably exact its toll on the emotional climate of the Silver workers’ home front. What had become a bounty to Gold Roll families would become a great sacrifice for Silver families and the dynamics of the entire picture would not be so clearly perceived until the works in the Great Ditch had come under control. Continue reading

Culebra Cut- Part I

Top image is a map view of the Panama Canal Route
showing the location of Culebra Cut
Bottom image shows a very early photo of
Culebra Cut in all it’s ominous splendor.

At a gathering of visiting congressmen a few days after his appointment in Panama (March 31, 1907)
Colonel George W. Goethals, the new Chief Engineer, remarked, “I now consider that I am commanding the Army of Panama, and that the enemy we are going to combat is the Culebra Cut and the locks and dams at both ends of the Canal…” Continue reading

Enough of You, Anopheles!

Images: Top: Stegomyia fasciata the “Yellow fever” mosquito
Today it is called Aedes aegypti
Middle: Anopheles the “Malaria” mosquito
Thanks to www.wikipedia.com
Bottom: A 1905 fumigation truck spraying ditches

By August of 1905 yellow fever had reached epidemic proportions and black workers “were the hardest hit.” In fact, malaria, pneumonia, tuberculosis, and intestinal diseases, all running rampant amongst the laborers, had spread fear and panic both in Panama as well as in Europe and the United States. Although these plagues killed and debilitated by far even more human beings, yellow fever was in the public eye. Continue reading