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Jonathan “Clyde” Parris- We Meet Again!

Here is Clyde Parris today in his Queens home. Both photos are thanks to Nicholas Diunte.

Here is Clyde Parris back in 1959.

A couple of days ago we were delighted to receive a valuable update on the life of an important figure in the athletic heritage of the Silver People of Panama.   We mentioned Jonathan “Clyde” Parris briefly in our article, “Baseball’s Roots in Panama.”  Thanks to Nick Diunte over at Yournabe.com we were treated to a newer and more personal look at the life and times of this extraordinary baseball player and all around athlete. Continue reading

Baseball’s Roots in Panama

A 1955 Topps card of Humberto Robinson when he pitched for the Milwaukee Braves.

by Lydia M. Reid

When we think of baseball in Panama today we immediately think of Mariano Rivera, Carlos Lee and other young professionals who have kept Panama on firm footing in the sport of baseball. There was a time, however, as with horseracing and boxing, that Panama’s participation in baseball was closely linked to the vigor and skill of the Westindian players dating as far back as the Panama Railroad and Canal construction days. These were the players that put Panama on the road to Baseball glory. Continue reading