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A Clear and Clean Character

Image: NASA

The incident with the cops and my neighbor Doña Dora had left a profound imprint on my psyche, as could be expected. So much so that the Cobert Junior I had once been would be prepared for another bout of mistreatment from my father, only this time I was ready to fight back at whatever cost. Continue reading

The Silver Townships- Paraiso, CZ Part I

Images: Top: an early colorized postcard image of an ambulance
similar to the type my grandfather,
Joshua Reid, might have supervised.

Bottom: Paraiso Dredging Division about 1920.
Images thanks to www.czimages.com

I consider my grandfather, Joshua Reid, as my first link to the Silver town of Paraiso. One of the legendary “White West Indians” (he was a fair skinned Mulatto from Easington, Jamaica on the south-eastern coast) he arrived in Panama in 1906 and immediately found work. His first job was in the “Cuts” as one of the Jamaican Bosses and he supervised the distribution of supplies all the way to the Atlantic coast. Continue reading