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An Increasing Security Force and Tightening Racial Isolation

Ft. Clayton in Panama

Images: Top is an aerial view of “former” Ft. Clayton,
one of the largest military installations in Panama.
Bottom image shows Kenneth b. Clark,
American Black author, psychologist,
and civil rights activist.

The centralized Silver roll personnel administration offices, as we have noted, began implementing policies that would characterize what the Panama Canal Zone would eventually become, and so it would remain until some years before negotiations would begin for the transfer of the Canal and all installations to the Government of Panama. All these events, however, would occur much later in the 20th century. Continue reading

The Silver Townships- The City of Colon…continued

The Silver population in Colón, as well as in Panama, had traditionally been dependent on the employment offered by the Railroad and later the Panama Canal Commission. In fact, during its boom periods, the Hispanic segment of the population came to view the Antillean Blacks as the affluent West Indians who had steady employment and money to spend on housing, stylish clothing and jewelery, recreational pursuits and on travel. Colón, in its heyday, became known as “la tasita de oro,” the little golden tea cup. Continue reading