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The Life of Panama’s Adolescents in 1950

In this photo we see the Westindian old timers
on the Silver Roll Relief and Disability
lines in the Zone in order to pick up their $25 a month
pension check. Image thanks to czimages.com

The decade of the 1950’s would become historic times- an epoch that particularly Panamanian historians would be reticent to tread upon, especially touching the subject of our people. They were times when the whole machinery of governments would see in an undefined populace such as the Panamanian Westindians fair game for unleashing its harshest sting, especially the disdain of their ruling class. In a country such as Panama, bounded by no less than five borders, its people still sought to define itself. Continue reading

The Silver Townships- Red Tank Part III

A Young image of Teacher Edward A. Gaskin. Image thanks to Mr. Anthony McLean.

President Remon Cantera just before his assisination in 1955.

Images: Top: A Young image of Teacher Edward A. Gaskin
Courtesy of Mr. Anthony McClean, Editor of Dia de la Etnia Negra
Bottom: Image of President Jose Antonio Remon Cantera (left)
shortly before his assasination in 1955

Welcome back to our story of Edward Aston Gaskin, the Red Tank “Kid,” who took on a remarkable leadership role in fighting for the rights of Silver Roll workers. Continue reading

The Silver Townships- Red Tank – Part II

Image of Edward Aston Gaskin, Educator and Union President of Local 900
Thanks to afropanavision.com

We take this opportunity to introduce a brilliant and tireless educator from Red Tank, Edward Aston Gaskin, to highlight the richness of the cultural and intellectual legacy left by the Silver people of the Panama Canal Zone. The article is brought to you thanks to the work of Vivian Dottin, and you may find it as well as other very interesting articles at Afro-PanaVision.com. Continue reading