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Ancestors, the Divine Creator and Us

Marcus Mosiah Garvey, Jr.
Publisher, Journalist, Activist
and Africanist. He is also of the
ONH (Order of National Hero) in Jamaica.
Image: wikipedia

The idea that included us, the living, united with our African ancestry was for me revolutionary indeed, and it started to clarify things for me much later. It was then and only then that I became involved with my African-nessContinue reading

A Westindian Story at Grandmother’s Feet

La Boca Ferry circ. 1947. Image thanks to CZimages.com

A cuartillo or “cuatí.” A cuartillo or a “cuatí” as the Westindians used to call it. It was a half of a Panamanian nickle (medio de un real de Balboa) which could buy you a portion of rice, flour, sugar etc., at the neighborhood Chinito.

At ten years of age everything I heard concerning the Westindians was of importance to me and was stored in my memory for the day in which I could put it all in a book. Or so I childishly and naively thought. However, I would have to await the advent of the technological age way into the dawning hours of our 21st century before these stories would ever get to be read in print, thanks to the Internet. Continue reading