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Secretly Hoping

The same passion for marching in the November 3rd parade shows on the faces of our youth today as in my time.

I can identify with these younger boys who yearn to join the older kids in the November 3rd parade.

Throughout this period I kept up with my mechanical dentistry trade secretly hoping that I could learn enough to open my own small business at home.  In this day and age, with so many people wanting to establish their own fairly lucrative home business, I can identify with their sentiments completely.  I yearned deeply for a chance at independence. Continue reading

The Beji-Nite Churches of My Youth

This is Lloyd Lovindeer, master of
Pocomania Day in Jamaica, who typifies
the elements of the Beji-Nite Church.
Image thanks to The Jamaica Gleaner.

As promised in previous posts in which I chronicled religious ceremonies I witnessed in Panama, I will delve a little deeper into the African derived religious practices in our American continent. Actually, it wasn’t until I began my university studies that I discovered a greater interest in studying the subject of our religions and I had to resort to my childhood experiences to find a point of reference to claim that our Silver People of Panama had anything similar in their religious practices. Continue reading