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News of the Colored Community

Albert E. Bell, distinguished
editor and popular columnist
who was attached to several
leading Isthmian newspapers during
the 30′ and 40’s.

As the Westindian community grew the residents from the Barrios of Panama and Colon tried, as much as possible, to stay in touch as one community. The Westindians identified themselves as “The Colored Community,” with space assured in the locally available English speaking newspapers. For instance, they had columns written in the English pages of The Panama Tribune, The Panama American and The Star and Herald, today known as La Estrella de Panamá. Continue reading

The English Language Press in Panama

The Panama Tribune’s masthead.

The West Indian English Language Press in Panama From the moment the great bulk of West Indians arrived on the Isthmus to participate in the construction of the Great Waterway they, as well as a few American entrepreneurs, began a veritable tradition in putting their feelings, experiences, needs and wants into press- in English. The English Language Press has an interesting if not always consistent history on the Panamanian isthmus and, thanks, for the most part, to Mr. Anthony MacLean’s chronology, a unique publication outlining the West Indian participation in this history, we’ve been able to encapsulate it for our readers. Where ever and whenever possible we’ve cited circulation figures. Continue reading