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General Victoriano Lorenzo’s Captors

The image is of Vicente Guerrero- an excellent example of a “pardo” soldier who rose through the ranks in the Mexican Revolutionary struggles against Spain to become President of the nation in 1829.

See The Majestic Life of President Vicente Guerrero

As General Victoriano Lorenzo awaited trial by a military court the Mulattos, who made up the troops who guarded him, acted as if he had been their most feared enemy. Many of them had fought against his army and had been summarily routed. However, they had been indoctrinated to be haters and killers of Indians. The Colombian army, in fact, was like almost all the armies of liberation in the countries surrounding the beautiful Andean mountains, hot and stalwart with the Creole spirit like the nearby volcanoes and glaciers. Continue reading

Race and Caste in This History of Betrayal

Images: 1. A painting, “Cuadro de Castas” by an unknown 18th c. Mexican painter depicts the almost dizzying combinations and labels given to the inter-racial groups of people in Latin America: see
2. Detail from a painting. Inscription reads “From Sambo and a Mulata produces a Calpamulata.” see

The Indian Revolution of Victoriano Lorenzo was not only a revolution that patterned itself after the ideals of the creoles of the Americas such as General Simon Bolivar and others of his caste. Lorenzo’s revolution sprang from the grass roots, the people of the mother earth, the native people known as Indians. Continue reading