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A New Meaning to the Story of Moses

Image from the Salvation Army

One Sunday during our Sunday School lesson at the Salvation Army the theme was the story of Moses, the Jew turned Egyptian. Although I had heard the story at my grandmother’s side since I could remember, this time it took on a new meaning for me. Throughout the lesson, as usual, I went into daydreaming mode trying to determine how Moses felt at the time. Continue reading

The Language and Nuances of the Putdown

I now lived in Casa Magnolia with my two aunts and my grandmother, Fanny.

I had, at the time, just started living with two of my paternal aunts and grandmother in the now famous “Casa Magnolia” one of the largest structures of its time on the corner of “P” Street and Mariano Arosemena Street of the San Miguel Barrio. The building was situated not far from where I had grown up until the age of nine years surrounded by loving playmates and adult neighbors we had known since we were very small kids from Colon. Continue reading

To Grow Up Spanish

Praying the Novena

During these times death would, once again, visit our barrio building coming, as it were, to take away the life of some youth. God only knows how we, my sister and I, had managed to survive to the ripe old ages of four and five but we had by God’s great mercy. Continue reading

The Barrio

This 1941 four door Pontiac
is similar to Mr. Lawson’s, except
his was a dark, elegant Green.
Image thanks to wikipedia

I sincerely believe that Panama City barrio life during my early childhood in which we lived as a young family until my mother abandoned our home (between 1940 and 1943) was a genuine paradise for all us children. For me and my three-year-old sister, Aminta, interacting with the hordes of Spanish speaking children at our new address of number 29-47 Calle Mariano Arosemena at the corner of “S” Street was a learning experience in community living. Continue reading