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The Inauguration of the Panama Canal in Pictures

Today, August 15, 2013, marks the 99th anniversary of the inauguration of the Panama Canal on August 15, 1914 . We thought you might enjoy a gallery of images, mainly provided by the Library of Congress, related to this momentous event so many years ago that changed the lives of people all over the world and became a boon to international commerce and travel.   We hope you enjoy the pictures.

Silver Roll Continues Long After the Inauguration of the Panama Canal

Here we see the official inaugural voyage
on the Panama Canal made by the ‘Ancon’ on August 15, 1914
Image thanks to the BBC Panama Canal Gallery

Silver Roll labor force on the US government’s Canal Zone in Panama and the canal construction projects continued long after the canal inauguration on August 15,1914, ending the Canal Construction Period and marking the beginning of World War I. Although the canal operating period quietly started right after the waterworks were inaugurated the threat of mud slides and total blockage of all passage of ships would continue to hover over the “Big Ditch” for a long time afterwards. The era a little before and after 1914 would become a bench mark for a lifestyle for those Blacks who constituted the bulk of the work force. Continue reading