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The First Generation of Panamanian Westindians 1914-1930

Sidney A. Young, Founder and Editor-in-Chief of The Panama Tribune- A Weekly Newspaper

San Miguel School in Panama
An ealy “English School” (circ. 1935)
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The isolationist policies of the North Americans on the
Canal Zone forced another dispersion of some of the Jamaicans who had become aware that as Jamaicans their knowledge, skills and leadership qualities would, more than likely, not be appreciated on the “Zone.” Some Jamaicans, however, remained loyal to the Westindian community in the country remaining and setting the tone of leadership in the Black Canal Zone. Continue reading

The Beginning: Meeting of the Two Branches

Image is taken from a detail of the Sistine Chapel.

In a personal search for cultural values, that I have estimated had seriously started when I was a child of eight years old, the dig and prodding of my grandmother was just the beginning. Throughout the years oral accounts that I had simply classified as interesting stories, though some were tragic accounts of the life of family members, turned out to be just traces of what I was to understand was just some of the accounts that would make up the history of my people. Continue reading