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Micha Bread and Operas

Michita, Panamanian style.

Image thanks to elpollo.com.pa

The days of my early childhood and adolescence in Panama were my days of exposure to popular culture where, from time to time and at government expense, we were offered opportunities to stay after school protected from the streets.

It was also a time for all kids attending public school to shake off inhibitions and pride and accept the offer of the glass of warm oatmeal porridge and a small loaf of micha bread during morning class. I say loaf because in those days the micha was large and generous not the poor excuse of a piece of bread we are sold today.  Continue reading

Bringing Culture and Justice to Panama

From a 1950 promotional flyer, Dorothy Maynor appears in Panama
From another Westerman Concerts flyer, the contralto Carol Brice.
The great Paul Robeson as Emperor Jones.

While hits like Teresa Brewer’s “Music, Music, Music,” Fats Dominoe’s “Fat Man,” and Muddy Waters’ “Rollin’ Stone” were topping the popular music charts in the United States, Panama had become a new venue for classical concerts and other quality cultural events during the postwar years and into the early 1950’s. Continue reading