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Children of Turmoil

Our old Silver People Chronicle header.

General Carlos Ibañez del Campo

I was keeping myself pretty busy juggling between school and my after school activities and felt pretty good about it all. I even managed to diminish my thoughts of girls in the neighborhood and girls in Panama period which was pretty remarkable given my age and the path of my hormones.

The girls I wrote to were far more interesting for me.  The one in Chile, however, after receiving a few letters from her, soon sent me a letter that gave me reason to ponder.  In it she warned me of circumstances arising in Chile that would soon put an end to her writing to me and it closed with a rather cryptic statement of how sorry she was that things had turned out the way they had for her. Continue reading

Pen Pals

"El Panameño Visto a Traves de su Lenguaje" by Luisita Aguilera Patiño

At the Institute my friends and I had started making it a habit of visiting the same girls at the Liceo de Señoritas which was quite a distance from the Institute.  We took jaunts over their any time we could get away just to keep us linked to newer acquaintances other than the same guys at the Institute. The girls were good company even if it was for a short time until they would have to go home. Nevertheless, they were really only good for making small talk with. Continue reading