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Women in Areas Built by Westindian Work Men

Image is from the Library of Congress.

So far, we have opened windows to the past, a past witch links us all as Panamanians to the experiences of workingmen who lived over a century ago. We have relived the times when Westindian laborers were introduced into those parts to be the sole work force, to be with them as they entered into hard, dangerous times and terrible working conditions. Those men would battle for labor reform, as we will see later on, and be trampled, battered, arrested and even assassinated in the darkness of the night. Continue reading

The Women of the Railroad Construction Days

Typical washday at a stream; in this case under Lagarto Bridge.

Courtesy of www.czimages.com

The presence of women who followed the laborers into the areas of construction of the railways was vital to the morale of the working man. Those women as first pioneers were hardy and won the respect and admiration of most of these roughneck Westindian men. Later it would be my understanding that many other people were attracted to the area of work because of those first groups of pioneer women. Continue reading