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Honoring The Fiestas Patrias

Cobblestone streets in front of the entrance to Sal Si Puedes in Santana.

That year of 1952 I’d become aware of just how much pleasure the two days of patriotic activity had given me and a real sense of joy for the first time. This was the first time in my life in which I was not only a part of a grand public ceremony but I had also been included in a highly honored civic observance. Continue reading

The Political Aggressions of the 30’s

La Boca Ferry circ. 1947. Image thanks to CZimages.com

Image thanks to czimages.com

During the trying years in which my Uncle Eric was struggling to get ahead in school, epithets once never known nor used in the neighborhoods of the new urbanized cities to depict Black Westindians such as Chombo, Yumaco, Meco and other denigrating terms would suddenly appear in local editorials in the news media. Continue reading