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Miss Polly

This is a rather tourist like shot of
Bocas del Toro. Image.

It was the year 1950 and the seemingly endless year of 1949 had passed with many political happenings that I would remember all my life. I would usually end my days at the dental clinic where I had been drawn to in order to stay off the streets. It might have been the place that I would end up spending my summer as that year closed on my adolescent activities. Continue reading

A Scramble for Safety

One of my old Balboa Notebooks

Back in my sixth grade classroom, after having helped out with the big Friday night dance, it was indeed a place in which I now commanded some passive attention from my classmates. As usual I still held on to my guarded, isolated status as I reached for the trusted Spanish
novela I had been reading since the beginning of class that year. Feigning to be more interested in reading than in Albina Romero, the girl at the back of the classroom who I had danced all night with, I ignored most all of my classmates. Continue reading