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Profesor Carlos Grant

Profesor Carlos Grant

Profesor Carlos Grant

My days at trying to become a “Real Colon Boy” would make all the goings on at Abel Bravo fascinating and dazzling. I settled down to days filled with normal school work, finally.

But my relationship with my new girl friend and my collection of new street friends who seemed to be over joyed to have me around as one of their regular friends buoyed my once depressed spirit. I was now captured and claimed by this school and by the teen crowd as one of them. But, I was also claimed by China as her steady boyfriend and for once I started to feel like I was “home.” Continue reading

A Working Man

My first job in the car wash and detail shop run by Simeon also opened a window on what life as a working man, earning hard cash, could offer me especially since I  could now take my girl out for a stroll in the evenings on Front Street, visit the Hindu store or just go window shopping with some money in my pocket.  It was a nice feeling of, shall we say, independence and manliness. Continue reading

The Doll With the Gold Teeth

The insistent knocking had irritated me so that I decided to go see who it was who dared intrude upon my peace and quiet. I had no intention of dallying at the door with whomever was there and I thought hard before I put my hand on the lock to open the door. Instead, I looked through the cracks of the window and, lo and behold, there stood this beautiful Chinese girl who was just about ready to abandon her mission and walk off. Continue reading