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Rio Abajo- How it All Started

The Stone Church or, Iglesia de Piedra, is one of Rio Abajo’s main landmarks.

El General, famous Reggae singer and
Rio Abajo’s native son has also become
one of Panama’s icons. Image thanks to Taringa.

The known history of Rio Abajo dates from at least the 19th century when it was a vast grazing area devoted to the raising of cattle. From that point until 1914 during the construction of the inter-oceanic canal, a group of people originating from the English speaking Caribbean settled there and gave rise to urban settlements. Its rural, wide open countryside, in fact, was its first attraction for a people who were anxious to leave the squalid, crowded and expensive tenements of the big city and have a chance at owning a property of their own. Continue reading

The Spirit of Black Africa Meets

Image from Google images.

After observing how we all merged that memorable day I could not help but feel blessed. To be immersed in that singular family with some of its oldest members rooted in our connection to the 19th century, and to, without much planning, have expressed life as it once was, was thrilling and intriguing at the same time. Continue reading