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Me Name Gone Abroad


Depression had caught up with me again about that time of my life, and had been driven by my perception that Grandma Ethel Levy would not last long on this earth. Her arrival reminded me of the time I had taken her out to be a special guest at our Mothers Day Concert at Abel Bravo School. It had been one of our important concerts in which our Choir performed at school. That night as I showed up to escort her, she appeared very impressed with it all. The girls in the receiving committee took charge of her at our arrival, pinning a beautiful corsage on her for this Mother’s Day Concert.  Continue reading

At Last! We Got Housing!


This is close to how our quarters looked. Image thanks to Costa Rican Conservation Network Blog.

The next time I saw my two friends and biggest supporters who I knew as Big Red and Robinson, they implored me, like doctors with an urgent operation to do, “Did you see the man yet?” They meant for me to get busy seeing the housing supervisor so that they could get their quarters back or what we usually called their “operating room.” For the upcoming weekend they wanted for the China and me to be out of their way.  And so, I told Pug to accompany me to help me to get our own room. With the authority of a husband I led her to the office where the housing supervisor was and said to her, “See that staircase there with the window?” She nodded yes and I continued. “You go up there and tell whomever you meet that you are there to see a Mr. Anderson about a room he had to show us. Now you be on your way because they will pay attention to you seeing how pregnant you are. Don’t be afraid!” Continue reading

Stories Travel Back to Colon

Image from TheSilverPen.com

Image from TheSilverPen.com

As was his custom, the Big Boss would come into the office and usually not talk to me. At first, I was put off by this although I didn’t show it. However, I had seen how envious the other men who had been with him longer would get and it was wise for me to remain reserved and go along with my benefactor to keep the peace in the office. He was right in his attitude and showing much more experience with these matters of interpersonal relations on the job than me. I would stop to pray daily to continue in doing the best I could on the job. Continue reading

The Girl They Called Pug

This is Pug as a young girl.

This is Pug.

By the early part of 1953 I had fallen deeply in love with that girl I secretly named “my China doll.” At the time I thought it funny that, here we would meet so often and I still didn’t know her real name. So, during one of those meetings-turned-dates I asked her, “By the way, what’s your name?” She answered nonchalantly, “Pug!” as if I should have known this by this time in our relationship, or a fact someone should have informed me about a long time ago. Continue reading