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Seeking Models of Leadership

The venerable Right Rev. A.F. Nightengale,
Archdeacon of St. Paul Episcopal Church in Santana

That I should have had some idea of the qualities that would dignify a person should have been something fixed in my mind by now. Since there were no physical areas in the city where I could discover “modeling tools” for human beings such as libraries, concert halls, or any other cultural emporiums, I’d reached an age where that characteristic of many adolescents-
cynicism– had started rearing its ugly head. Continue reading


An image of Reverend A.F. Nightengale Rector of St. Paul's Episcopal Church of Panama.

An image of Reverend A.F. Nightengale
Rector of St. Paul’s Episcopal Church of

It was on one of those nights that I sat beside my grandmother when we attended what for me was my first experience with any type of spiritual education or lecturing at one of the evangelical churches that my grandmother loved to visit. I say “visit” since she was ever wary of “organized” churches and preferred to visit all the many and sundry expressions of the Christian religion and the other unconventional ones like the “bush” churches which I will get into later. Continue reading