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Susú, the System of the Poor

The original and historical main branch of El Banco Nacional of Panama. It remains a prime example of the art deco architectural style.

Although times had changed and the barrios were becoming more populated and in need of goods and services, some institutions just could or would not keep up. Such was the case with the banks and it looks like we’re seeing it all over again today. At this time in the Panama of the Silver barrios there were no banks available for the ladies on my Susú route. Continue reading

Our Royal Welcome at Luisa’s

Ripe Papaya

Maracuya or Passion fruit


As the day progressed, our hostess, Miss Luisa, became more and more secure with educated young guests, which prompted her to tell us the story of her life. The more talkative she became the more this writer was taken back into a period of history which had never been written, and which led me to discover that my ancestors, the West Indian Blacks, had walked the same path daily as the unemployed workers long ago in a City of Panama that was still annexed to the country of Colombia. Continue reading