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My Weakest Moment

Hoping that I would be safe there by that board building at that corner, darkness suddenly overcame me as if someone had turned off all the lights which scared me. I stood there allowing the fresh night air to help revive me and so it did. Continue reading

To Fall in Love With First Affections

Pictured is what was always known in
Calidonia as la Casa de Mimbre, so named
for the artesans that worked cane and repaired
cane (wicker) furniture who had one room shops
there. The board building was right on Via España
in the heart of Calidonia. It was demolished around
2006. The room with the finger pointer next to
it is very like what Glady’s fonda looked like.

The scene was a delicious morsel of one of the most beautiful girls calling and inviting me in to join her in her knowledge of what love was. To say that this instance in my life would be the first time that someone would offer me, the love starved kid, some kind of affection would be an immediate response to why I would instantly fall in love with that girl. Continue reading