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The Silver Townships: Silver Gatun and Silver Santa Cruz

Very early engraving of Gatun Station, Railroad days.

Early Gamboa.

Gamboa Commissary.

Images: Top: Gatun Station around 1851
Middle: Early photo of Gamboa (circ. 1930)
Bottom: Gamboa Commissary as it stands today
even after the reversion of the Panama Canal.

is a small town on the Atlantic Side of the Panama Canal, located south of the city of Colon at the point in which Gatun Lake meets the channel to the Caribbean Sea. Best known as the site of the Panama Canal’s Gatun Locks and Gatun Dam, built by the United States between 1906-1914, it, as with many of the former Canal Zone towns had segregated facilities for the “Silver” or “local rate” employees. The same may be said of Silver Santa Cruz which was next to Gamboa. Continue reading

The Silver Townships- A History Unfolds Part I

Image: A rare photo of Red Tank
before it was deserted and dismantled.
The beautifal large Cuipo tree stands sentinal
over this road.

As we continue with our narrative of how the Silver Townships came to be, we must note that these dynamic communities also underwent a great many changes during their life cycle which, in some cases, resulted in their being dismantled all together and in others integration into the country’s governance, culture and economy. Continue reading