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The Canal Zone Was Still a Part of Us

This is the popular Chiva stop in front of Casa Muller or Muller Building in the heart of Calidonia in front of El Cruce. Image thanks to La Critica Libre.

By the time I was ready to enter secondary school in the early 1950’s the Canal Zone was undergoing radical changes. This is a good time to pause and take inventory. Continue reading

Blacks Living the Affluent Life- An Emerging Social Network

The Sojourner’s Hall (today restored)
on “P” Street in Panama City
The Christian Mission Church,
today is the home of the
Westindian Museum in Panama City  

Silver Clubhouse and Dispensary

Throughout the late 1920’s and during the decades of the 30’s and 40’s Westindian Blacks in Panama, Colon and the Canal Zone began to organize, seeking any means of channelling their social energies that would serve as an agglutinating force. The local Canal Zone Silver Clubhouses became the centers for dances sponsored by the clubhouse staff. Continue reading

Communal Life in the “Black” Zone

Image shows an early Culebra “Silver” School (1905)
courtesy of Mr. George W. Westerman

Construction of the “
Big Ditch” once again became the priority project despite the feelings and attitudes of the white Americans. The “character set” of racist America, however, surfaced in the whole country of Panama. The Westindian* community, with their Black American counterparts, lived and somehow blossomed in the places set aside for them on the Black United States Canal Zone. Still being dug out where mountains once lay dormant, not a ship, as yet, had traveled the trench. Continue reading