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The Westindian Panamanian Roots- Recalling My Grandfathers

Casino and Hotel Venetto

There is a building boom going on in
Panama and they can thank my
pioneering grandparents, The Silver People,
for it. Top photo is just one example of the
mushrooming new skyscrapers, banks,
shopping malls, hotels, casinos etc., that are
going up faster than anyone can keep track.
Bottom photo is a view of the new and changing
Panama City skyline as seen from the walls
of the French Embassy in old San Felipe (Casco Viejo).

I’ll never tire of saying it but I’ve always believed that we Westindian Panamanians are a very unique people. Of such strong mettle we the
Silver Men, the Panamanian Westindian, have evolved. Continue reading

If the Story be Told

An early Silver Payline in the Canal Zone
Image thanks to Afro-Panavisions

If not to anyone else, it has been proven to me that, without a doubt, the Silver Men absorbed most of the psychological damage of working in an oppressive segregated system and in a generally difficult work environment. The legendary Silver Men who comprised the vast majority of the Panama Canal Zone labor force earned the honor of being unique workmen- tough, versatile, resilient and loyal. Continue reading

The Passing of a “Silverman”- Bobby Grant

“Bobby” Grant, William Evans Grant Lescano
1912-2008 Rest in the Peace of Our Lord
Bobby, my step father, and Me in our happy reunion after many years.

On the 18th day of April of 2008, Mr. William Evans Grant Lescano passed on and was laid to rest in Mount Hope Cemetery on the 21st of April of this year of Our Lord. He was lovingly known as “BobbyGrant to all the people of the Westindian community of the City of Colon. Continue reading

Panama’s Glory Returns Home a Two-Fold Victor

Mel Patton (Gold), Barney Ewell (Silver)
and Lloyd La Beach in the 1948 Summer Olympics
Awards Ceremony for the 200(corrected) meter race competion
An early photo of the Roxy Athletic Club Track Team

That day in
1948 on the running track, the World Summer Olympics in the historic city of London were not quite over when the Panamanian, Lloyd La Beach, would, once again, offer the expectant crowd another exciting race to the finish line as the crowds stood in awe to applaud the lone Panamanian runner. Continue reading