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“Content is King”- We Will be Remodeling

We totally agree with the professional web gurus that “Content is King” on the Internet. In our efforts to continue bringing you, our readers, better content and even more relevant issues, our web site will be under construction for the next couple of months.

Perhaps I should say we will undergo a remodeling. In any event don’t stay away; be patient. We will be back with more of everything and a better look.

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A Tribute to Alfred E. Osborne

Alfred E. Osborne. Image thanks to Afropanavisions.com

Venerable Teacher Osborne, father of Alfred E. Osborne, left his Island home of Antigua, when his son Alfred E. was only three years of age. He arrived in Panama in the year of 1911 and most assuredly met my grandfather Mr. Joshua A. Reid, the Dispensary Director of Silver Paraiso Township. Mr. Reid had left his beloved Island of Jamaica in 1906 to get work on the construction of the “Big Ditch” which would later turn into the Panama Canal. The elder Teacher Osborne then labored at the segregated Canal Zone Silver Schools until he achieved the rank of Principal. Continue reading