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The Red Tank Community Death Scheme

This is a shot is from an early "Silver Disability Relief Roll" line on the Canal Zone.

by Lydia M. Reid

With a name like “The Red Tank Community Death Scheme” many of us today would probably have second thoughts or at least some partial misgivings about such an organization. But this Lodge or fraternal organization was just one of dozens that were formed by the Silver Roll people of the Panama Canal Zone to better survive the economic conditions of their life on the Isthmus. Continue reading

Negative Impact on Barrio Life

The Tribute page from the Panama Tribune (1947)
Honors the Silver Workers.
Note the Letter from Gov. Mehaffey to the
Tribune’s Editor, George Westerman.

With time I would come to know my father’s brother, my uncle by the name of Newton, whom I would meet at a time when he had refused to work in the old Canal Zone. He took up residence in a one room apartment with a view from across the chain link fence and railroad tracks that marked the borders between Panama and the white “Gold Roll” Canal Zone. Continue reading

The Silver Townships- Red Tank Part III

A Young image of Teacher Edward A. Gaskin. Image thanks to Mr. Anthony McLean.

President Remon Cantera just before his assisination in 1955.

Images: Top: A Young image of Teacher Edward A. Gaskin
Courtesy of Mr. Anthony McClean, Editor of Dia de la Etnia Negra
Bottom: Image of President Jose Antonio Remon Cantera (left)
shortly before his assasination in 1955

Welcome back to our story of Edward Aston Gaskin, the Red Tank “Kid,” who took on a remarkable leadership role in fighting for the rights of Silver Roll workers. Continue reading