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Bound for Colon

This is the area of Plaza Cinco de Mayo where I arrived to catch my bus for Colon. Image thanks to LaEstrellaonline.com.pa

That  was the night that my freedom would finally come. It was then that I noticed the expression on my aunts’ faces when they saw that my threats to leave them were for real. After what seemed an eternity my grandmother finally took action to remedy the mess they had left her. She went out into the hallway and snatched back my cardboard box and faintly began to insist saying, “No, wait!”  Continue reading

The Social Clubs and the Westindian Style 1920-1930

A rare gramophone or Victor Victrola from 1921
similar to one I was given for me to fix and keep.
The crank mechanism was fine but I only had one record
to play on it- “Small Island Go Back Where You Come From.”

The first and, perhaps, the most visible signs of first generation
Westindian Panamanians showing some strength in uniting their resources were the Social Clubs. Continue reading