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Part of Both Sides Now

For me the resulting experiences of those days that had just passed me by had left questions that the weekend moments of reflections would help to fill in. But it had not been as cut and dry for me being only an adolescent boy still intrigued by those expressions of kindness towards me. In the meantime, I was more than puzzled at the way things had turned out for me at school. I only hoped and prayed that the time left for me would favor me as well in that month of the final year at primary school. Continue reading

The Second Wave of West Indian Laborers

Image of Wharf at Aspinwall 1855, thanks to classroomclipart.com

The story of the West Indian laborer in other parts of the country of Panama and the Central American region continues with its course of battles with the banana plantations. For the western end of the country of Panama the West Indian laborer would enter the twentieth century experiencing upheavals. At this time in history the Panamanian elite, as intellectuals, will start to show nationalistic cohesion. Continue reading