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Adventures in Bamboo Lane


As you can probably judge, we get many people visiting and commenting on all our web sites, especially The Silver People Chronicle.  We get comments, for the most part, in support of what we are trying to do and others often join us in adding to the collective memory with their own experiences. Continue reading

The Battle for Honor

This image is from an extremely interesting
site called The Art of Manliness.

The scene was now turned around. As I saw it my honor was being challenged as the challenger made it known to everyone that he was about to pummel two big mouths in one day, the two who had sullied the name of a damsel- presumably my neighbor. So, this was the real issue and I honestly did not want to appear to be fighting over some foolish girl. Continue reading

Another Unfortunate Street Fight

Here is the classic image of James Dean on
his motorcycle. I don’t think that even he would
approve of the coward on a motorcycle that
forever drove a wedge between two childhood

Although my graduation from primary school had been marked by a sense of tremulous hope and expectation, the beginning of the year 1951 became for me a time of entering into an even more desperate period of my life. As I said before, it was a time of passage into manhood for most of us boys growing up in Panama City and it was full of uncertainty. Continue reading

Fight or Flight

A kid boxer. Image thanks to
reviews from the Woodstock Film Festival.

Analyzing our Panamanian experience as Westindian people the spirit of competition was prevalent in everything we did in those post war days especially for me as the pre-adolescent hormones made their entrance into my childhood. For me, however, who was still suffering abuse and neglect time seemed to stand still much like a fledgling eagle that still could not fly. Continue reading

My First Bout of Street Fighting

Stanley "Rocky" McKay who was a mere child when he started boxing.  This 1950 photo he was a very young kid boxer.

Stanley “Rocky” McKay who was a mere child when he started boxing. In this 1950 photo he was a very young kid boxer.

My father, as I mentioned before, had always loved birds and I remember he had even installed a pigeon coop somewhere. However, during this time his mania about hunting included large wild birds, the beautiful tropical Pheasant that abounded in Panama, even when he brought them home riddled with brass shotgun pellets. Continue reading