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A Clear and Clean Character

Image: NASA

The incident with the cops and my neighbor Doña Dora had left a profound imprint on my psyche, as could be expected. So much so that the Cobert Junior I had once been would be prepared for another bout of mistreatment from my father, only this time I was ready to fight back at whatever cost. Continue reading

Scouting Amongst Panamanian Westindians

Image is of the Canal Zone Boy Scouts meet of July 4th 1938
which, in that moment, was called The Isthmian Scout Council
which later changed to The Canal Zone Council and later on would
evolve into the International Boy Scouts Canal Zone.


Image is of Camp Chivo Chivo January 1964
International BSA
Both priceless images can be found at

My previous posts were intended to give a glimpse of the childhood activity of Scouting which, I was sure, would have benefited not only me but my family and community for a life time. I can also assure anyone that I know not where I got those ideas from. However, the analysis by proven mental health professionals would be as much accepted as any one of us as humble pundits of today. Continue reading

No One Spoke to Us

The Panama Tribune masthead

For me becoming literate would come during those times of feeling really isolated as a child, as I have mentioned in previous posts. It was also during these moments in my life that I’d lie in bed in the early mornings intently listening to the neighbors’ boys, all Panamanian Westindian, above our little room on Mariano Arosemena Street leave for their Canal Zone Silver School wishing I were one of them. We had known this particular family since arriving in Panama from the home of our grandparents in the City of Colon after the fire of 1940 which destroyed most of the Atlantic coast city. Continue reading

The English Language Press in Panama

The Panama Tribune’s masthead.

The West Indian English Language Press in Panama From the moment the great bulk of West Indians arrived on the Isthmus to participate in the construction of the Great Waterway they, as well as a few American entrepreneurs, began a veritable tradition in putting their feelings, experiences, needs and wants into press- in English. The English Language Press has an interesting if not always consistent history on the Panamanian isthmus and, thanks, for the most part, to Mr. Anthony MacLean’s chronology, a unique publication outlining the West Indian participation in this history, we’ve been able to encapsulate it for our readers. Where ever and whenever possible we’ve cited circulation figures. Continue reading

Sydney A. Young: Founder of the Panama Tribune

Sidney A. Young, Founder and Editor-in-Chief of The Panama Tribune- A Weekly Newspaper

Amongst the giants of the Panamanian Westindian community, Sidney A. Young represents, without a doubt, the zeal for knowledge and the struggle to defend, to perpetuate and to fix the present in the mind of his contemporaries with the word, one of the most effective ways of constructing the future within the collective memory. Continue reading