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Out of Work and Desperate

A refuge at times- the Silver Club House.

A refuge at times- the Silver Club House- would help me reflect on how I would solve my out of work problem.

The thought of Pug still being my lover was a constant worry to me in those days. For Pug was a better love detective than I once believed. I had thoughts of replacing her quickly as I walked the streets of Colon. I discovered that I could do that when I lived in Magnolia Building back in Calidonia. Her name had been Maria Elena but now she was out of my mind. The girls I had been meeting at Abel Bravo school in Colon, however, were a different story and a real challenge to me as they were quite good looking. Even so, I had gone out with very few of them. In fact, my return to Colon from Bocas Del Toro had been a major challenge as I was an adult by now with a baby. Those fifteen year-old dreams in Magnolia Building of Panama City only came to haunt me for it made me remember my primary school days which would never return again. But, girls were secondary to my biggest headache- I was out of work and desperate. Continue reading

Back to Troubled Reality

Typical Colon Balcony, probably the most beautiful in the whole Republic.  Image thanks to file-magazine.com

Typical Colon Balcony, probably the most beautiful in the whole Republic. Image thanks to file-magazine.com

I had gotten up late that morning and hoped to make it to the open Market fonda in the middle of Colon City for something to eat and I sighed as I awoke that it was back to troubled reality.  As I passed by some of my street friends, I  wondered why they were  congregated at the side door of the Twelfth  Street entrance to the Bar.  I stopped there before I continued on my way. But one of the guys at the side door had spied me and called me over. Continue reading

Pork Gâteau and Being Young Again

Pork Gâteau

Pork Gâteau

Despite my occasional reprieves from the everyday worries of being a young adult, my emotional state during this time was in continual flux over how Pug and I had fallen out of love. We were in a real period of splitting up. But I didn’t want to duplicate this scenario with Barbara. I’d come to the conclusion that I could not have a real love affair again after my failure with Pug. Continue reading

A Very Forgettable Wake

Entrance to Mt. Hope Cemetery in Colon, Republic of Panama.

Entrance to Mt. Hope Cemetery in Colon, Republic of Panama.

But, Miss Ethel Levy’s wake would turn out to be a revealing one for me in particular. It was attended by mostly her family and close friends crowded into the Chapel at the Mount Hope Cemetery. I never did look forward to these things and the actual viewing of my close friend’s remains was brief. So I hung out outside together with my acquaintances listening to the Albert “Nick” Brown the tailor- Miss Levy’s only son- give a running account of the events leading up to his mother demise. Continue reading

The Passing of Miss Ethel Levy

Whorish woman

The silence between Pug and me spoke for itself that day.  She had searched my face diligently as we walked on that lonely country road, going home with the baby boy. Then we both stopped for her to shift the baby boy to her other. Suddenly I said, “Since you don’t want to have anything to do with me anymore, tell me, how am I going to get money to make it back to Colon?” She took her time and then insisted, “My family don’t want me to have anything to do with you Juni, but the Chinaman has promised me some money. Furthermore, he even knows about you going to be a teacher soon, and all that.” Continue reading

The Parting

Wise woman

That day, as we walked home from the picnic with the Seventh Day Adventist community, Pug become talkative, wanting to open up a conversation with me that she had apparently been rehearsing with herself for a while. “Juni,” she said carefully, “I want to discuss something with you but, I don`t want you to get vex with me or get so upset with me.“ I braced myself for what I thought was the inevitable. She then continued gathering a little more strength in her voice.”It is that I want to tell you that I want a separation because I don’t want to be with you anymore.” Continue reading