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The Parting

Wise woman

That day, as we walked home from the picnic with the Seventh Day Adventist community, Pug become talkative, wanting to open up a conversation with me that she had apparently been rehearsing with herself for a while. “Juni,” she said carefully, “I want to discuss something with you but, I don`t want you to get vex with me or get so upset with me.“ I braced myself for what I thought was the inevitable. She then continued gathering a little more strength in her voice.”It is that I want to tell you that I want a separation because I don’t want to be with you anymore.” Continue reading

Domestic Problems- Anger


While burning the trash from the churchyard job, a strong sea breeze kicked up to cool me off. As I worked I started to think about the Reverend Lady I had just met and I decided to do a good job as the challenge of finally getting rid of all the trash the job had produced troubled me. By the eighth day on the job I felt satisfied that the yard was looking good enough to be called neat. I then went to see the Reverend to report on my progress. Continue reading

Better Off Than With the Likes of Me

Image thanks to quotehd.com

Image thanks to quotehd.com

By now I realized why I had been out of synch whenever I tried to speak to Pug about what was making her so unhappy and the issues that had soured our “love.” But no matter how often I tried, it was fruitless as she would not respond to me, or anyone else, about what it was I had done so wrong to embitter her. Even to this day it is a mystery to me. I did continue, however, to mentally seek to know the hidden side of the things that had suddenly spoiled our lives. I began blaming it on her love of putería, or whoring which I tended to forget in my naivete. Continue reading

Milk Not the Best Business

Image from Morguefile

Image from Morguefile

My routine on my new job was simple. I would arise early every morning to milk the cows. After filling the gallon bottles, I would then saddle the horse, tie the five bottles on either side of the saddle and then make my way to town. I had been trained by Little Man and a boy younger than myself who also lived at the ranch. Once I arrived in town I would unsaddle the horse, then hide the saddle under some brush and tie up the horse nearby at a small stream so that he could have an abundant supply of water to drink and grass to eat for the day, until I had sold all the milk and was ready to go back up to the ranch on horseback. Continue reading

The Makings of a Bocas Bushman

The abundant Yellow Jack fish off the waters of Bocas del Toro.

The abundant Yellow Jack fish off the waters of Bocas del Toro.

With the lack of communication between Pug and me regarding our feelings, or lack of feelings, for each other, I walked out of her Bocas family’s home to get to know that part of town we were in and, perhaps, take a little time to reflect quietly. As I walked I looked back to discover Pug following me down a street unknown to me. I was just making my way to the beach to sit and meditate and get my mind clear.

“Where you going Juni?” she asked as stepped up to me to continue walking in silence as I hesitated to answer her. I really didn’t know how to answer her as I didn’t know what my next move was going to be. “Look I’m looking for a room just in case,” I said rather evasively hoping to discourage her and prevent her from following me. But, she remained walking at my side. “Roberta says she wanted to talk to you,” she insisted. So, I stopped and turned back around to go see what Aunt Roberta had to say to me. Continue reading

The Good Samaritan of Bocas

Another old photo of Bocas Town (Isla Colon) from our friend, Jos Price's collection.

Another old photo of Bocas Town circa 1910 (Isla Colon) from our friend, Señor José Price’s collection.

The trip to Bocas Town had not been thoroughly planned but I cared less and less about going back to work in the fields of Baseline since I knew the marriage was not a union anymore. Continue reading