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Lord Cobra- the Eternal Troubadour

Lord Cobra, Panama’s Calypso monarch.

Someone in the middle of the funeral procession said, “He has left us and taken Calypso to heaven!”

This man, seasoned by the creative activity of his prolific life did not die in his native Patois Town in Bocas del Toro, framed by the solitude of cemeteries and rail road track leading towards an infinite banana plantation. In an uncommon farewell, the relatives, friends and fans of Lord Cobra gave their last good bye to the popular singer of Calypso that had marked the golden era of the national bands. One of the best in his genre, Cobra was recognized in the “patio,” (the common people) as the “foreigner.” Continue reading

The Mighty Sparrow

The wonderfully picaresque Mighty Sparrow.

The Mighty Sparrow of Trinidad in a dazzling performance.

The Mighty Sparrow
, along with several other Trinidadian immortals, laid the cultural and stylistic ground for the Calypso “Movement” that seemed to take firm root during the late 1950’s. This musical art form, however, evolved from a much earlier tradition as we have seen in my previous post.

Slinger Francisco, better known as “The Mighty Sparrow,” and less popularly known as, The Birdie, was and continues to be the unrivaled “Calypso King of the World.” The Mighty Sparrow, as well as many other Calypsonians, had a strong influence over the Westindian community in Panama reflected in the style and compositions of their own Panamanian Calypsonians. We will soon discuss our native Calypsonians in more depth. Continue reading