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Gifted Children Overcome the Hurdles

By 1952 the Republic of Panama’s official population had been disclosed as 801,982- not quite one million.  Most of the athletic triumphs, however, were coming from the townships of the Silver People and from the cities of Panama and Colon. Continue reading

The London Olympic Power Games of 1948

The image is a photograph of the finish
of the Olympic 100m final in 1948.
From the left are: Emmanuel McDonald Bailey (GBR-6th);
Mel Patton (USA-5th); Alastair McCorquodale GBR-4th);
La Beach (PAN-3rd);
Barney Ewell (USA-2nd); and Harrison Dillard (USA-1st).

The year was 1948 and the Olympic Games for which Lloyd La Beach had worked so hard for most of his young life were to be held in the month of May in London, EnglandContinue reading