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Secretly Hoping

The same passion for marching in the November 3rd parade shows on the faces of our youth today as in my time.

I can identify with these younger boys who yearn to join the older kids in the November 3rd parade.

Throughout this period I kept up with my mechanical dentistry trade secretly hoping that I could learn enough to open my own small business at home.  In this day and age, with so many people wanting to establish their own fairly lucrative home business, I can identify with their sentiments completely.  I yearned deeply for a chance at independence. Continue reading

The National Institute of Panama

Instituto Nacional de Panamá with its familiar double Sphinxes guarding the entrance. Image thanks to skyscrapercity.com, a forum for architects.

The experience of just entering a school as famous as The National Institute of Panama made me feel reassured that I had a place in the history of that institution. My family history, after all, had been seeded with the essence of that school with my Uncle Eric Reid being one of the first to brave what it had meant to be one of the sons of Panama and a member of the institution in its early days. Continue reading

My Uncle Eric Before Me

Entrance to The National Institute of Panama
Image thanks to Maria over at Flickr

In my attempt at reliving the times of my people I’ve provided you with a bird’s eye view of what it was like to be a Westindian in a country such as Panama. From the piers of the Atlantic coastal town of a place called
Aspinwall, as the United States banker was taking over in this backwater country, to the diggers who came and started to dig the French controlled waterway. Continue reading