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The Housing Exoduses- City Living Not Much Better

An original image of Muller Building,
one of the largest rental buildings built to
house Westindian working men and their families
in downtown Calidonia, very close to the entrance to
the Zone. There is a post office branch right in front
(Correos Nacionales)
Image thanks to czbrats.com

These deplorable living conditions within the Westindian community on the Zone, the study further explained, gave rise to a series of problems owing to the decline in morale and efficiency of the group- problems of poor health and exposure to contagious disease. Following the revelations from the findings in this study housing on the Zone became a topic of careful consideration even when the dwelling units were quite limited in number by treaty restrictions to a small portion of employees. Continue reading

The Twentieth Century: Transition and What Was to Come

Image thanks to wikipedia.org

If many of the West Indians had been accustomed to the hard, laboring life on the plantations, then they would soon become the new urbanized classed of Panama upon reaching its docks; for urbanized West Indian laborers would make up the ranks of its first large urban community in Panama’s early history. With their arrival new West Indian laborers would soon be living as near to the areas of construction as possible, thus spurring the development of entire neighborhoods. These areas, even today, are known for their special West Indian cultural flavor, for these people survived and lived in the only two mayor cities known then and for the two previous centuries, Panama and Colon. Continue reading