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An Epitaph to an Indian Patriot of Panama

From the moment he had discovered what was afoot General Lorenzo had unequivocally opposed the giveaway called for in the Wisconsin Accords. Only until today, in this precise moment, has it been recognized that General Victoriano Lorenzo, “that little Indian man,” was really the only who had gained vindication in the many battles his people waged and won. As some historians have said, “Victoriano Lorenzo, the only protagonist of the War of 1899, was a country farmer and an anonymous hero. (Tamayo 1940) Continue reading

The War, the West Indians and the Atmosphere in Calidonia

Trolley circling Catedral (San Felipe) about 1915.

The West Indians were the only group of Christians visible around the city of Panama in those turbulent days of 1902. They, in just the past two years, had seen a devastating war, a sight that would have impacted any human soul frequenting that city. Throughout the political conflicts they had continued their simple lifestyle, as they waited patiently for the employment they, with all confidence, knew would soon begin. Continue reading

General Victoriano Lorenzo and the Wisconsin Pact of 1902

The USS Wisconsin about 1901.

“The final settlement of the revolutionary disturbance was largely due to his efforts,” wrote Rear Admiral Henry Glass approvingly in his report lauding the “diplomatic services” of his predecessor Rear Admiral Silas Casey’s handling of the “Panama Crisis.” Continue reading